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Boron 120G/L SL

1.  Common name: Foliar fertilizer (containing boron).

2.  Chemical names: boric acid.

3.  Chemical class: not applicable.

4.  Type of formulation: SL (Soluble Concentrate)

5.  Active ingredient and its content: Boron >=120g/L

6.  Toxic class:  not classified by WHO. It's moderately hazardous according to toxicity data. Refer to part 12 for details.

7.  CAS registry number: 10043-35-3

8. Appearance: yellow homogeneous liquid.

This product is used as foliar fertilizer for crops. It has function of increasing number of flowers and increase fruit-setting. 

Mixing and dilution.

Shake the product container well before use.

Add the required quantity of CM Foliar to the half-filled spray tank while agitating the water, then fill water to the required level. Continue agitation at all times during spraying, do not stop agitation until the tank is completely empty.

Spray immediately after mixing

Target crops and rate.


Timing of Application

Methods of Application

Leafy Vegetable

(lettuce, cabbage, celery, Spinach, cauliflower, capsicum)

Seedling stage


This B-ONE Foliar fertilizer is used as spray onto foliage of crops.


Dilute the fertilizer with water by 750-800 times, and spray onto crop leaves uniformly.


Spray 1-2 times with interval of 7-10 days.

Fruit Vegetable

(tomato, cucurbits, aubergine, bitter gourd,  sweet potato, water melon, cucumber etc. )

Seedling stage;

Before blossom stage

Fruit Trees

Seedling stage;

Before blossom stage

Cash Crops

(Tobacco, Coffee, Cotton, Peanut, peppers etc.)

Seedling stage


1)This product is compatible with most pesticide, DO NOT tank-mix with alkaline pesticide.

2) DO NOT apply during strong sunshine or hot noon. Make sure uniform coverage on both sides of leaves.

3) Seal the bag well if it can not be used out for one time.