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Smart-release NPK fertilizer

Illustration of Functions of Smart-release Fertilizer

Crops can only absorb less than 50% of nutrients from conventional NPK fertilizer. The scientific researches revealed that merely 20-30% of nitrogen, 10-15% of phosphorus and 30-50% of potassium are absorbed by crops due to nutrient loss via leaching, evaporation and fixation. This causes much waste of natural resources, energy, as well as environmental problems such as contamination of ground water.

The invention of Smart-release NPK fertilizer makes it possible to reduce fertilizer's leaching into ground water, evaporation into air and fixation by soil, so as to reduce use of fertilizer by at least 30%.

Smart-release fertilizer contains proprietary substances which combines different functions in one product. It has functions as follows.

1.      slow release and long-lasting effect;

2.      intelligent release of nutrients;

3.      loosen soil and reduce salinization;

4.      Conserve water and resist draught;

5.      Boost rooting and improve uptake of fertilizer;

6.      Conserve fertilizer and reduce use by 30%.

The proprietary substances are contained in Smart-release fertilizer as an additive, which materializes three of our core technologies.


1st Technology: Topology technology to regulate release of nutrients intelligently.

Smart-release fertilizer contains highly-polymerized botanical fibers, which rapidly create numerous netlike tiny reservoirs of water and nutrients in soil. This forms the water-nutrient-soil topology. The topology combines nutrients and water with soil so as to prevent NPK from leaching, evaporation and fixation.

The topology, which holds tiny reservoirs of water and nutrients in soil, can adjust the release of nutrients according to demand of crops at different growth stages. The topology can supply water and nutrients according to the pulling force of roots in an accurate and appropriate way. i.e. supply of water and nutrients depends on how much the crops need. So Smart-release fertilizer is called intelligent fertilizer.

2nd Technology: Analogous nutrients (pollen) to boost reproduction of beneficial bacteria, and intelligently regulate supply of nutrients to crops.

Infiltration and flowability of water can be rapidly enhanced after application of Smart-release fertilizer. When roots absorb water and nutrients, the pulling force drives water and nutrients to gather and accumulate in soil around roots. The analogous nutrients will intelligently regulate the supply of water and nutrients to crops in an appropriate and accurate manner. Analogous nutrients can provide beneficial bacteria in soil with readily available nutrients, which boost fast reproduction of the beneficial bacteria, so as to create a good environment for robust growth of crops.


3rd Technology: Loosen soil, conserve water and boost rooting.

Smart-release fertilizer can apparently improve the soil conglomerate structure, alleviate soil compaction and acidification, increase air permeability and retention of water. So Smart-release fertilizer can loosen soil and conserve water.

The root system can breathe freely as soil environment improves. In conjunction with the AMB rooting substances, the accelerated reproduction of microorganism can stimulate the growth of roots, which helps to maintain fast uptake of nutrients.